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Frequently Asked Questions


We are sure that as a professional who has reached an exceptional level of preparation and who is faced with the opportunity to practice in a new society, you may have many questions whose answers will help you to integrate into the professional labor market. Some of those questions are presented below and soon we will add others with their respective answers.

 01  Where can I obtain information regarding converting international professional titles to be valid in Rhode Island and around the United states?

 02  How long is the process to be able to use my international title to work in  Rhode Island?




 03  One of the biggest obstacles of Latino immigrant professionals is the language barrier. Where can I obtain resources to improve on English?




 04  While being in the process of transitioning professional degrees to be valid in the US, how can I continue to practice my profession?




 05  Are there grants to be able to cover the fees of the process of transitioning international degrees/titles?   

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